About Golden Boring House

Golden Boring House came into being in 1996.At Golden Boring house we believe we are ideally placed to cater for most of your pumping needs, Golden Boring House has got 13 years of excellent experience in the pumping industry, Golden Boring House engineers are confident they have both the breadth of knowledge and the depth of experience to offer professional service from basic concepts all the way through switch-on and beyond.We continue to employ motivated and innovative people dedicatad to providing solutions that will make our customers more successful in thier endeavors. Our people will strive to be the team to call for help our customers to meet their challenges.

Golden Boring House specialized in the manufacture and supply of high performance, self priming centrifugal transfer pumps for a wide range of applications including water and chemical transfer and fire fighting.
The quality of our products, we believe,is responsible for the continued increase in numbers of clients who use pur products and the
phonomenal growth of our company.

Our Aim

The primary aim of Golden Boring House is to promote the growth in the pump lndustry of Pakistan and to gain international recognition due to technical ability, skills and product quality of Pakistan organizations designing, manufacturing and marketing pumps, pumping systems and related products.

Our Promise

"To provide dependable,innovative water solutions when and where people need them, supported by the best service and advice"

Golden Boring House is committed to:

Be the most dependable company our customers deal with
Have the most dependable products, solutions and service in our markets
Be innovative and sustainable in all activities

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